Karl Seglem - tenor saxophon, goat horns, electronics - composer

Welcome to the site of Karl Seglem, Norwegian tenor saxophonist, goat horn player, composer, producer and poet. Called one of Norway´s foremost musicians - with an unique sound. He has developed a distinctive identity both as a musician, composer and published poet. International renown has grown steadily and not least his recent releases "Som spor" (2014) and the anniversary 3CD "JazzBukkBoks" (2015) have captivated international critics and new audiences. On these records the use of goat horns and other traditional instruments - notably the Hardanger fiddle- is masterly and excitingly blended with a plethora of modern and eclectic elements; electronic loops, jazz improvisation, world music traits and rock characteristics. Karl Seglem often returns to the notion of the acoustic heart of his music, which is the grounded and timeless leitmotif. 
He has acclaimed National prizes and awards for his groundbreaking work creating his own sound on tenorsax and diverse goat-horns.  
In 2010 he received the Buddy Award, the highest Norwegian jazz award. He has been collaborating with many of the foremost Norwegian and foreign musicians, writers, painters, film-makers, dancers & coreographers. On this sites and links you´ll hopefully find all the information you need. Check also information and updates on Seglems projects on Fb,Tw,YouTube, NORCD and Ozella Music. Enjoy!



New Karl Seglem video

JazzBukk is Karl Seglems electric goat horn quartet.

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